Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Windows Updates failed 0x80244022

**Another Update - Even more resource regarding WSUS and cleanups that should be used.
Fixing WSUS - When the Best Defense is a Good Offense

*Update - With all the current WSUS issues I suggest folks also have a look at this new article from Microsoft, we are currently investigating its affects as well.
High CPU/High Memory in WSUS following Update Tuesdays

So this morning the Desktop guys started complaining about updates on some machines not working.

I started looking at the machine in question and SCCM seemed fine on the PC.
I checked the WUAhander.log and WindowsUpdate.log and came across the following errors:



I tried all the Windows update agent tricks in the book as I thought the issue was on the machine.
Then I checked my own workstation and it was doing the same so now start to worry that the WSUS box is on the fritz.

I log in and I am greated with the reset node mmc error when trying to open the WSUS console.
So I restarted the server in the hope that it might do the trick. Upon rebooting it looked fine and then the console stopped working again.

So next I try to figure out whats happening in the event viewer:

Does not mean a lot me so I start to research some of the WSUS error codes. Then one stands out HTTP error 503 and I remember something I read on Eswar's blog
Configmgr OnSearchComplete – Failed to end search job Error 0x80244022 WUAHandler.log

So I checked my Wsuspool in IIS and it was stopped. Starting it only works for a while then it stops again.

So I set out to find out more about HTTP error 503 then I came across the technet blog article:
ConfigMgr 2012 Support Tip: WSUS sync fails with HTTP 503 errors

So I did the changes on my Wsuspool in IIS as follows:
Private Memory Limit: 4194304 (4GB)

When I tried to start the apppool again it gave a error so I did an IISreset and after that everything was working as it should again.

I know this looks like a repeat of the other articles but had to add my experience onto it as well.


  1. Thanks a lot for this post. I came across the same error trying to do an OS deployment with updates in SCCM 1610 and the client logs weren't much help. I found this, and it was the exact same issue.

  2. Exactly the same issues as you! Thanks for this post!

  3. Had the same issue with one server that keep causing the WSUSPool to stop. This fixed my issue. Thanks

  4. Fixed our servers too, thanks!

  5. Exactly the same issues as you telling ! Thanks for this post!

  6. Thanks,resolved

  7. Thank you, exactly what I needed. Helped me resolve a patching issue

  8. Thank you, this is really helpful.

  9. exactly the same issue, what was the Private Memory before you changed to 4GB?
    I tried 10 GB and I was having still issues the Application Pool will stop... then tried 0 and now the Application Pool runs at 12 gb 13 gb but the software updates are still failing 0x80244022..

    In progress...

    1. Hi there.
      The default value is 1843200 (1.8GB) which nowadays is why to little.
      We currently running ours on 0 but with the last patch Tuesday those Windows 10 Next version updates made the WSUSPool crash again. There were lots of MVP on twitter saying one should decline them. In short one need to do WSUS maintenance. Get rid of stuff you don't need and maintain.
      I suggest looking at these articles, we implemented a bit of everything on our sites so I can't point to just one that is the magic fix.

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